Who We are

A young group of ex party people who saw the effects first hand that a neon light can have on the mood, ambience and energy of a room. We would always ensure we had a selection of neons at the parties & productions which we put on for this reason. What we realised however, was that neon signs were REALLY expensive & super difficult to get hold of!

So, when we found out you could recreate the unique feeling of a traditional neon sign by innovatively using environmentally-friendly neon style LEDs piping & at a fraction of the price, we got excited… you could say, we got turned on 😏

What We Do


Everything we do is based around our vision of providing people with the opportunity to experience neon & the effect it has on their own personal & professional spaces. While things such as traditional artwork & soft furnishings have their place in boosting an interior, we feel & have experienced that there is simply nothing quite like a neon sign for cultivating good vibes in a room. We want YOU to experience that!

When we looked at the market we felt that the current neon LED sign suppliers weren’t going as far as they could with the designs they were selling. Therefore, we worked with some top flight artists/graphic designers to push the boundaries of what was possible within a neon sign. We were astonished by what we were able to get away with and see our imaginations come to life.

We’ve created numerous pre-set designs that you have access to so you can buy as is or use as inspiration for your own custom piece. No matter what idea you have, we can work with you & our designers to make that idea come to life!

There is nothing like seeing something your mind conjured up arriving at your door in the post.

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